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Invention in PR is an ongoing series of talks and articles by Adam Ritchie about using public relations to create new products and services. It addresses the reality that PR teams live or die based on products' success, and advocates for them to take a stronger hand in their creation.

PR has earned its seat at the decision-making table. But another meeting happened before it arrived. Each time a communications team readies itself for a launch, the product or service has already been determined, developed and often packaged. Sometimes PR helps inform certain features, but it rarely makes the first step toward the drafting table.

The profession can do better. It can go beyond promoting what it's handed and invent newsworthy offerings from the ground up.

Through award-winning case studies, participants learn how to apply invention at the beginning of the PR process and take away usable strategies and tactics for agencies and in-house. The material encourages an entrepreneurial approach to public relations and covers creative problem-solving, selling an unconventional idea internally, packaging it, getting stakeholders buzzing, integrating social and untethering media outreach from the usual suspects at launch time.

With PR under constant pressure to evolve, it uncovers practitioners' aptitude for invention and teaches them how to harness it. With every communications discipline claiming to be in the storytelling business, it goes deeper than storytelling and into authorship.

The objective is to cultivate a generation of rule breakers who create new communication vehicles and construct campaigns across industries. The goal is to reshape perceptions and the practice of PR from its past as an organization’s mouthpiece to its future as an organization’s creative engine.


  • "A master class in creative PR...awe inspiring." (PRSA national board director)

  • "My favorite speaker event all year." (Penn State attendee)

  • "Literally changing the way I think." (Brigham Young University attendee)

  • "One of the best presentations I've ever seen." (DePaul University professor)

  • "Absolutely brilliant." (S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications professor)

  • "A no holds barred approach to building campaigns that encourages professionals of all stages of experience to be more daring, more creative and more inventive in their approach to PR." (Museum of Public Relations founder)



  • Definition

  • Case 1: T.R.I.P. [Invention + Transformation] (Aeronaut Brewing Co. with Adam Ritchie Brand Direction)

  • Case 2: My Special Aflac Duck [Invention + Transformation] (Aflac with Carol Cone On Purpose)

  • Case 3: The M.O.M. Squad [Transformation] (Summer Infant with Adam Ritchie Brand Direction)

  • Case 4: The Tampon Book [Creation + Transformation] (The Female Company)

  • Case 5: Mix It Up [Creation + Transformation] (Life Alive with Adam Ritchie Brand Direction)

  • Case 6: Girls Inc. [Creation] (Hearts On Fire)

  • Skills

  • Habits

  • Process

Invention in PR has visited more than 40 universities and conferences and reached more than 1,500 members of the PR community.

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When PR takes the wheel and drives product development, anything can happen.